HIV is now a manageable infection. With the proper care you can live a full and happy life. ALTAMED CAN HELP, LEARN MORE BELOW

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"My doctor, is a great, kind and very smart man and he has treated me and my health for many years. I'm very grateful to have him as my doctor. I can't tell you where I would be today had I not found him and his knowledge of health."

– AltaMed Patient, HIV Services

"In speaking with patients regarding why they chose to stay with AltaMed, there's an overwhelming response that they feel at home and feel a personal connection with our providers, nurses, and staff."

– Gilmer Youn, HIV Services

Ask Me About: Living With HIV

The only way to know for certain if you have HIV or AIDS is to get tested. It's important to know your status because it allows you make healthy decisions for treatment and to help stop the spread of HIV.

There is currently not a cure for HIV, but with the proper care the HIV virus can be managed and controlled. With the right medication, taken regularly, the virus can be undetectable and uninfectious - meaning it is extremely unlikely that it can be transmitted to others.

Treatment options for HIV have made significant advancements since the onset of the HIV epidemic. Anti-viral drugs (also known as antiretroviral medication) can help to slow damage caused by HIV and help to prevent it from developing into AIDS.

Today's treatments consist of a combination of two or more anti-viral drugs which help suppress the amount of HIV in your body, known as your viral load. With treatment, you’re able to keep your viral load down to an undetectable amount. When you’re undetectable, you’re untransmittable.

Suppressing a viral load allows people with HIV to live healthy lives and decreases their chances of infecting others OR developing AIDS. Undetectable = Untransmittable.

HIV weakens your immune system, so to stay healthy while positive, getting the right care and education is key. Start by finding the right provider to support you on your path to health.

AltaMed offers Free workshops in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas to provide a safe place for discussion, learning, treatment and care for people living with HIV.

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AltaMed has been dedicated to providing quality HIV care to for over 48 years . With clinics across the Los Angeles and Orange County area, care is within reach.

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